Malvern Collegiate Institute

Hi Angelo

It was a fabulous event – Demo did a great job, and I told him this! For my first Formal, it was great…… The kids got up and danced (all of them) on the very first song, so I think we need to start earlier next year, because clearly this is what they wanted to do. Demo accommodated as many requests as possible and really made sure that announcements were made as soon as we asked. My daughter gave me some feedback also, comparing it to the Mac formal – they danced more, so that reaffirms my intent to change start time. She liked her music better, but then again, it was mostly based on requests. Thanks for making our evening spectacular – we’ll see you again next year! I’d like to book our date sooner next time, probably in September, but it will be around the same time of year.

Nancy O’Brien – Malvern CI